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UDEM System and Product Certification Services

UDEM System and Product Certification Services

Having adopted providing customer-oriented services as a principle since its foundation, UDEM invests in technology, trainings and its staff to keep customer satisfaction at its best in order to be able to accomplish its goal.

UDEM has set it as its goal not only to just control and confirm but also to provide added value to the systems of the firms it provides services for seeing them as its business partners while carrying out its activities without making concessions from impartiality. Accordingly, our experts have been selected from among experts capable of making comments from an objective perspective by combining experience with knowledge, generating solutions with constructive approaches and guiding the companies it provides services for in the activation of their systems,


With the knowledge and experience gained through years...

Services We, as UDEM, Offer to Our Customers

The professional staff of UDEM, who are experts in their fields thanks to their professional experience, are qualified to respond to all kinds of needs relating to the related activities.

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Machine CE Certification

Machine CE Certification

Machine CE Certification is the certification process carried out within the framework of the conditions introduced by the European Union. This certification aims at avoiding the negativities that might threaten the health of both humans and the environment during the production, assembly and use of machinery.

MDR Process in Medical Devices

MDR Process in Medical Devices

MDR is the name given to the practices know as Medical Device Regulations as a whole. This practice, which entered into force on May 25, 2017, is an arrangement introduced within the scope of reassessment of medical devices although their compliance has been certified before.


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We crown our achievements with originality with our sector experience and expert staff, we continue to be the choice of professionals.

Without compromising our principles of impartiality, independence and confidentiality, we aim to be a leader not only in Türkiye, but also in the global market, we are expanding our international network every day.

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